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What is PicHacks.com?

PicHacks is a symmetrical face generator. Our face flipping tool is a good way to find out how symmetrical your face is. We have automated the process of making these symmetrical faces so we don't have to use  Photoshop® to do the image manipulations every time.

What is a face flip?

A face flip is created by dividing an image of a face vertically through the middle, splitting it, and then creating two left-left (LL-composites) and two right-right (RR-composites). They are then combined to make composite faces with only LL or RR hemifaces.

Is there any Science to this?

Yes, but it's not rocket science. In addition to the hilarious results, the PicHacks face flipping tool is a good way to find out how symmetrical your face is. In evolutionary psychology, symmetry, especially facial symmetry, is one of a number of aesthetic traits, including averageness and youthfulness, associated with health, physical attractiveness and beauty of a person. It is also hypothesized as a factor in both interpersonal attraction and interpersonal chemistry.

What pictures should I use ?

If you want to see how symmetrical your face is, use a forward facing picture with the head perfectly straight and position the midline directly in the middle of the nose.

If you want funny results, experiment with different angles, tilted heads, and placing the midline in different places. Play around with it and you'll surely have some laughs.

We'll be adding other fun image manipulation tools in the future. Sign up, and we'll let you know when we do. Signing up also allows you to save your images on our server. Don't worry, we will never spam you. We are nice guys.

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